Preventive Maintenance and Service Programs

No building owner or tenant can afford a cooling system breakdown in Central Florida’s warm climate. That’s exactly why Irvine Mechanical provides a comprehensive maintenance inspection and service program for its many customers. Additionally, Irvine Mechanical Guarantees all work and provides 24-hour emergency service. 

Just compare the service that Irvine Mechanical offers:

  • A written, comprehensive maintenance program outline. 
  • Detailed written inspection reports prepared by qualified service technicians. 
  • Preventative maintenance and inspections conveniently preformed during regular working hours.
  • Regular inspection of HVAC systems.
  • Planned and scheduled system shut-down during off-hours for major repairs and equipment replacement.
  • Dependable supply and support for parts and components.
  • Proper CFC recovery, equipment replacement and disposal.

New Installation and Retrofit

Irvine Mechanical has been an integral member of the construction and build-out teams for many high profile Central Florida buildings and new construction projects. The Irvine staff works with engineers, architects, designers and operations personnel matching high quality addresses with the best quality indoor environmental control systems.

Whether the job requires the replacement of existing equipment or the installation of a new system, Irvine Mechanical guarantees delivery of dependable heating and air conditioning systems on time and within budget. 

Controls and Automation

Irvine Mechaniclal’s technicians are trained in state-of-the-art systems operation and management to ensure personalized designed controls and automation equipment. All controls are user-friendly yet provide the level of sofistication top-preforming climate control systems require – CFC monitoring, automatically controlled delivery of high quality indoor air, 24-hours a day. 

Whatever the technological requirements, the operations and design staff at Irvine Mechanical has the expertise to meet and exceed them. The bottom line: Irvine delivers turn-key installation of controls and automation with retrofit or new systems that ensure maximum efficiency of the system while guaranteeing occupant comfort.

Irvine professionals train each new system operator so they have a complete understanding and can operate their HVAC system at maximum efficiency. Once up and running, system operation managers are backed by superior on-line service and support just a phone call away. 

Interior Space Build Out

  From simple retail construction to sophisticated office designs, our team can determine the best heating and air conditioning system for virtually any interior space.  Vast experience with thousands of installations and continuous training makes the Irvine team ready to meet or surpass the strictest specifications with delivery of absolute tenant comfort

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